Constitution & By-Laws (amended July 2008)
  1. The organization shall be known as the Southern Baptist Stewardship Development Association.
ARTICLE II – Purpose
  1. To provide a forum for Christian Stewardship leaders to uphold the Biblical vitality of stewardship and to:
  2. Provide an opportunity for discussion of common interests and needs;
  3. Prioritize, coordinate, and develop stewardship, and Cooperative Program, resources which are necessary for strengthening churches to accomplish the Great Commission;
  4. Develop the professional skills of its members;
  5. Enrich the personal fellowship of its members.
ARTICLE III – Membership
Individual Membership and Membership Dues:
  1. Persons who serve on the staff of a Southern Baptist State Convention or a Southern Baptist Convention entity whose responsibility includes stewardship and/or Cooperative Program and/or estate stewardship and/or capital stewardship are eligible for membership in the Southern Baptist Stewardship Development Association.
  2. Active members shall be those whose dues are current. Membership dues are annually $150.00 per individual due on or before January 31 for the calendar year. Membership dues paid after January are $180.00 annually. Dues are to be paid to the Secretary-Treasurer.
  3. Only active members shall hold office.
  4. Active members, upon retirement, automatically become honorary life members, with all privileges except voting and holding office.
ARTICLE IV – Meetings
  1. The Association shall meet at least two times annually.
  2. The Spring meeting shall be in conjunction with meeting of the SBC Executive Committee. The July meeting shall be during the week following the third Sunday, unless set otherwise by a majority vote of the Association in business session. Consideration may be given to alternating locations east and west of the Mississippi River.
  3. The July meeting shall begin on Monday and adjourn no later than Thursday.
  4. A quorum shall be the members present.
  5. Robert's Rules of Order shall govern parliamentary procedure.
  6. The president may call additional business meetings, in his sole in consultation with the Executive Committee.
ARTICLE V – Officers
  1. The officers of the Association shall be a president, vice-president for stewardship promotion, vice-president for Cooperative Program, membership director, and secretary-treasurer.
  2. Officers shall be elected at the July meeting.
  3. The officers shall serve one year, or until a successor is elected.
  4. Responsibilities of the officers:
  • President – shall preside over all meetings; appoint committees, with SBC entities and serve as an ex-officio member of all committees. If the President cannot fulfill an elected term, the Vice-President for Stewardship shall fulfill the term as President. If the Vice-President for Stewardship cannot fulfill the term, then the Vice-President for Cooperative Program shall fulfill the term as President.
  • Vice-Presidents for Stewardship Promotion and Cooperative Program Promotion – shall represent the interests of the stewardship and Cooperative Program as members of the Association's executive committee.
  • Membership Director – shall be responsible for enlisting membership and maintaining membership records. No later than January 1, the membership director shall send notification to all active, inactive, and prospective members of the Association that dues are due on or before January 31. In March, the membership director shall send a list of members who have paid their dues to all members and a notice of delinquency to all members who have not paid their annual dues. The membership director will host an orientation session for all new members.
  • Secretary – shall keep written minutes of all business sessions;
  • Treasurer – shall coordinate financial record keeping with the contracted CPA firm to receive and disburse all funds of the Association and make all records available for inspection at the annual meeting. In addition to the secretary-treasurer, one other person shall be authorized by the president to sign checks drawn on the Association's account.
ARTICLE VI – Committees
  1. Executive Committee – shall be composed of the officers of the Association and their responsibilities shall be as follows:
  • Coordinating plans voted by the Association;
  • Conducting necessary business between sessions;
  • Serving as the constitution and bylaws committee, as needed;
  • Approving the budget for the annual operations of the association;
  • Securing invitations for the annual meeting place;
  • Informing the Association as to time and place of meetings and program topics; and
  • Developing the program, arrangements, and logistics for the Spring and July meetings in conjunction with a representative of the host state.
2.Nominating Committee – chairperson and two members (3 total) to be appointed by the president before the February/Winter meeting. This committee is responsible for nominating a president, vice-president for stewardship promotion, vice-president for Cooperative Program promotion, membership director, and secretary, and treasurer.
ARTICLE VII – Resource Development
  1. The Association shall provide a means of distribution for materials generated from its members. The Association shall contract with a person to serve as the Resource Coordinator:
  2. The "Resource Coordinator" shall participate in the Executive Committee meetings except when the Resource Coordinator's contract is discussed.
  3. The "Resource Coordinator" cannot serve as a voting member or officer of the SDA.
  4. The "Resource Coordinator" develops resources through workgroups of SDA Members, contributions from SDA Members, or based on a need in consultations with selected SDA Members. Members are given opportunity each July to sign-up for Workgroups. Chairpersons of Workgroups shall serve as a "Resource Coordinating Workgroup" to prioritize projects with the "Resource Coordinator."
  5. Southern Baptist State Conventions and Southern Baptist Convention Entities may purchase materials from the Association based upon the projected usage of the materials. Conventions and entities participating in the development process may be entitled to purchase materials at a reduced cost.
ARTICLE VIII – Amendments
  1. The constitution and bylaws may be amended or revised by a two-thirds vote of the active members present at any July business session.